06 octobre 2007

Dunno where I'm going...

There's this guy. Living so far away from me.
I'm thinkin' of him, very often.
We talk to each other, he sends sms.
They're breathtaking.
I dunno squat about him.
I mean, I know his eyes,
the sound of his voice,
his smile, and I know his hairstyle too.
But, I dunno the touch of his lips
or the way he smells.
I don't know which hand he writes with.

But what I know, is that I wish I lived two blocks away from him
I'd be able to run to his place, at this very second.
And give him a kiss. I'd know what he smells like.
I'd also know the touch of his lips and fingers.

And then, I'd know what it feels like not to miss him

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